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There Are Methods That Will Help You Choose And Set Up The Best Campsite Every Time You Go Camping


In order to choose the best campsite, start by looking for a campground that is close to trails, forests and lakes.

Once you find that, you will need to choose where, inside the campground, will be the best spot for you and your family.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Spot Inside The Campground


  1. Choose a spot where the headlights from cars that arrive late into the evening or overnight, won’t disturb your sleep.
  1. While you want to be somewhat close to a latrine, you don’t want to be so close that every time someone uses it you have to hear the door slamming.
  1. Look for a spot that isn’t going to turn into several inches deep of mud, if there is a rainstorm.
Flat Grassy Campground

Flat Well-Drained Grassy Spot to Pitch Tent


Tips To Determine The Best Place To Park Your Trailer or Pitch A Tent


  1. Campsites that are the farthest from the entrance and/or are in a cul-de-sac are the quietest spots.
  1. If you anticipate chilly mornings, set up your campsite facing south. Facing it toward the south will warm up your tent quicker than if you had faced it in any other direction.
  1. As before, you want to be near a water source, but not so close to it that your sleep will be interrupted by people using public facilities, such as showers and latrines.
  1. To avoid at least some of the mud from a rainstorm, look for an area with bark chips and grass.
  1. Choosing a spot that is on high, well-drained ground will also help avoid being in a mud-laden spot, if it rains.

Setting Up Your Campsite


Bear in mind, when setting up your campsite, that this location will be your “new home” for the time you are there. You want to make it as comfortable as you can.



Setting Up Your Home Away From Home Campsite.

Things To Know When Setting Up Your Sleeping Area


  1. There are designated parking spots for Trailers and RV’s. Where these parking areas are located may not be the optimum place to set up your campsite.
  1. If you use a tent, you will have more freedom to choose where you want to set it up.
  1. Look for a campsite that has several flat areas to choose from.
  1. To reduce damage to vegetation and soil, you can pitch your tent in an area that has been previously impacted.


Additional Tips For Setting Up The Best Campsite


1. If you will be using a grill, be sure your tent is not downwind from it, in order to avoid drifting smoke and stray embers.

2. When positioning your tent, face the smallest cross-section into the wind. The smallest cross-sections are usually the front or rear of your tent.

3. When on a slope, your sleeping bags should be positioned in such a way that your head will be higher than your feet.

4. Before setting up your tent, look above you to see if there are any dangling or dead branches. If so, choose a location where these types of branches will not affect you or your tent.

5. Look at the other campsites near you. Take notice of where their doors are facing. Then, position your door away from theirs.

6. Pitching your tent over a bed of pine needles will give you the most comfort and insulation.

7. Be sure not to place any tent ropes, guy lines and stakes near any walking areas, where someone might trip.


Next week we will provide ideas for setting your cooking area and how to store your gear. So, start packing, as it looks like you may be going on a camping trip, soon!



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