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Fun For Your Kids Is What It's All About!


Not all kids enjoy hiking. Kids can get worn out quickly or become bored on the trail.

So how can you keep them interested & show them how much fun hiking can be? Below are some suggestions of how to make hiking fun for your kids.

Hiking with kids

Keeping kids occupied while hiking

For starters, you can go with another couple who has children around the same ages as yours. Having a few other kids on the hike will make it fun for your kids and their children as well.

Be sure to bring tasty, but healthy snacks, such as trail mix and plenty of bottles of water.

It may be helpful if you let each child choose their very own special water bottle from the store, before the day of the hike.

The treats will keep them energized for longer. When the kids start showing signs of tiredness, take a snack break.


Plan Some Activities Along The Way


Kids love to explore. While it not necessarily a good idea to leave the trail, let them explore things that are on the sides of the trail.

There may be rocks they can climb.

Bring a kid’s book with pictures of different flowers and the names of those flowers. Let them use the book to try to identify the flowers along the trail. Let them chase butterflies.

Kids love water, so maybe you can choose a trail with a waterfall or a lake they can take a dip in along the way.

Let each kid have a little camera to take pictures of the things they find interesting. Chances are what they take pictures of will be things that you, as an adult, might have overlooked when on the hike.

Bring a magnifying glass so they can get a better look at something they find interesting.

kid exploring with magnifying glass

Exploring with a magnifying glass while hiking

If they are old enough to learn how to use a compass, let them try to figure out what direction you need to go in to find the waterfall or the lake.

Again, if they are old enough, you can show them how to read a hiking map.

Boy reading hiking map

Learning to read a map while hiking

There are games the kids can play like “I Spy” & “Hide & Seek” while the other kids have their eyes closed.

They must allow you to know exactly where they are hiding before the “seekers” can open their eyes to look for the “hider”.

During snack breaks, if there are at least 2 adults on the hike, one of them can run ahead & hide some items. Then the kids can search around looking for the items.

You would be surprised at how much older kids will want to participate when they hear prizes are involved.

Have enough age-appropriate prizes available for whoever wins each time. Have a prize planned for the first person who finds an item and another prize planned for the kid who finds the most items, a prize for the kid who finds the last item, etc.

However you do it, try to make sure each child walks away with a prize.

As kids, some of us played Red Light, Green Light. That would be an easy game to play on the trail.

If the kids have a game they would like to try, if you think it is safe and won’t interfere with others on the trail, let them play.

You want them to enjoy hiking, so they will want to go again & again.


And Finally…                                                                         


Remember, they are kids and may not be able to finish the hike, especially if they stop to explore and play games along the way. Please let that be ok. You will enjoy seeing them have fun doing something you already love to do: hiking!


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