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Escaping The Rat Race – Are You Ready?

Escaping The Rat Race – Are You Ready?

The Rat Race Can Take Over Our Lives – But Only If We Let It!   Looking For Some “Downtime” From The Rat Race? A Hiking Adventure Can Provide Just What You Need. There’s no pressure from a boss, no deadlines to meet, no bills to pay, etc. If you choose to hike alone,...


Who's Up For Some Geocaching Fun?

Geocaching - What Is It & How Does It Work?   Many hikers have heard the term “Geocaching”, but they (or you) may not know yet what it is or how it works. Therefore, we have put together some basic info to hopefully pique your interest and to help you get started.  ...

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We are a community for those whom love hiking, with a passion for being outdoors with natures beauty touching your soul, living the hiking world. If you share the same love for a Hiking Community, you will feel at home here, welcome to The Joy of Hiking.


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