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Our Desire To Sleep Under The Stars Can Sometimes Change As We Get Older


Many of us, as kids, begged our parents to “camp out” in the backyard overnight. We didn’t care if it was cold outside or if there were bugs or any other undesirable feature about it. The experience of camping out was all we cared about. Of course, our parents insisted that we use a tent.

Nowadays, if you tell your friends you're going camping and you won’t be using a tent, they give you that incredulous look. You know the look that basically begs the question, “Why in the world would you want to do that”?

While they would have done that as a kid, there is no way they would do that these days. They have become so accustomed to sleeping in a comfortable bed with soft sheets and pillows that they can’t imagine sleeping on the cold, hard ground anymore.

Sleeping Under Night Sky

Sleeping Under Night Sky


Making Sleeping Outdoors Desirable Again


Today, there are many types of gear that can be far more comfortable than sleeping on the bare ground. For example, there are sleeping bags, air mattresses, ground pads, cots and hammocks.

Just the thought of sitting in front of a warm campfire, holding a cup of hot cocoa as you watch the moon rise can bring back the desire for “camping out”.

Still though, sleeping outdoors vs. sleeping in your own bed are completely different experiences. These differences can be a challenge for some people, however there are ways to make it easier to adjust to sleeping outdoors.


Ways To Make Sleeping Under The Stars More Comfortable


1. Find an area with flat ground.

2. Bring a comfortable travel-size pillow.

3. After you unroll your sleeping bag, fluff it up for extra comfort.

4. If you’re using an air mattress, do not over-inflate it. Leaving it just a little under-inflated will make it more comfortable.

5. Never go to sleep on an empty stomach.

6. Stay hydrated during the day, but don’t try to sleep with a full bladder.

7. If you are having trouble sleeping, read a book or magazine, until you naturally drift off to sleep.

8. Use earplugs to eliminate or at least reduce the sound of crickets chirping or to prevent yourself from having to listen to another camper snoring-away.

9. If the area gets cold at night, wearing warm clothes, such as sweatshirts and pants to sleep in, will help.

10. If it's really cold, wear long underwear under your sweatshirt and pants.


Final Thoughts


Let's enjoy sleeping outdoors again. If you have kids, share the excitement you had as a kid camping out in the backyard, with them.

Sleeping without a tent will allow you to count the stars.

If your kids (or you) are having trouble falling asleep, you can have them “connect” some of the stars and name the shapes they see.

Remember, the harder you play during the day, the easier it will be for you to sleep at night.



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