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Looking For A Hiking Partner? Try Joining A Group That Has Social Hiking Activities For Singles!


Many singles fantasize about meeting a soulmate who shares their interest in hiking. Other single hikers are just looking for a hiking buddy.

One of the many advantages to hiking with someone that you recently met is that you have a lot of time to get to know one another. Obviously, you have a shared interest: hiking. You can share stories while getting in some great exercise.


Getting Started


You can start by joining a group of like-minded, “single” hikers.

Another option would be to ask one person, in or out of the group, to go on a hike with you. If you choose either of these options, the following ideas will be helpful.


Making Sure It All Goes Smoothly


Note: These ideas are not just for a potential boyfriend/girlfriend that you may want to impress. They are for any hikers who may just want to make a good impression on a potential new hiking buddy/friend, too.


  1. Choose a local, popular hiking trail, so you won’t be alone with your new hiking buddy. Remember, you don’t know each other that well yet and you both will want to feel safe.


  1. The trail should be an easy day hike. Pick a trail that is not too strenuous. Decide on the length of the hike in advance.


  1. Bring maps and a GPS if possible. Neither of you will want the stress of getting lost, especially when you are just getting to know one another.


  1. If you know the trail, pick a nice spot for lunch. You can make a good impression by bringing something special that you prepared for lunch. Be sure to bring enough for both of you.


  1. When planning the hike, check with the person you will be hiking with to see if they would like to share dinner after the hike.


Hiking With A “Singles” Group


If you would like to try to find “someone special”, you can join a local singles group, that can, but does not have to be for hikers only.

The great thing about joining one of these groups is that they generally organize events and there will be plenty of new people to meet.

Finding a local singles group is easy. All you would need to do is go on the internet and type in “singles hiking” and the name of your town or county.

Focus on groups that feature active social calendars and frequently updated websites.


Locating Hiking Partners


Lots of people who like hiking don’t necessarily want to hike alone, at least not every time they hit the trail.

For some, the motivation to go hiking is severely diminished if they don’t have someone to enjoy the experience with them.


Joining A Local Hiking Club

Singles Social Hiking Club

Many of these hiking clubs organize hikes in addition to other types of activities.

Some of them have trained guides and will loan equipment to their members.

Generally, members pay a small annual fee to join. This fee will include the opportunity to register for future trips that will be planned by the club.


Final Thoughts


DON’T: sit home “wishing” you could have someone to go hiking with you on your next adventure.

DO: join a “ hiking for singles” group.

Get up off the couch and start planning.

Be open to try new things….

And most of all: Make it a point to enjoy every moment you spend alone or with others, on and off the trail!



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