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Are you the one in charge of cooling the cooler and packing it? 


While there are different techniques to pack a cooler, everyone would agree that the most important step is making sure your cooler is sufficiently cold.

If your cooler isn’t cold enough, your food will go bad very quickly. Believe us when we say, you do not want food poisoning. It is a miserable thing to get! It will totally ruin your trip!


Now Let’s Get That Cooler Cold

Making cooler cold before packing

Cooling down your cooler before packing with perishables.

When you begin packing your cooler, you want to make sure it is as cold as you can possibly get it.

If you will be starting out from home, about an hour before you plan to pack the cooler, put a bag of ice or several packages of frozen vegetables into the cooler & immediately close the lid.

By doing this, the cooler will cool down pretty quickly. Before you open the lid to the cooler, make sure the items you plan to pack have been organized.

You only want to open the lid once. If you keep opening it to put each item in, the cooler will lose more coldness than if you just got it packed in one fell swoop.


The Steps


1. If you used a sealed bag of ice to cool down the cooler, when you are ready to add your items, open the bag & spread the ice around inside the cooler.
2. Put your beverages on top of the ice and then add more ice on top of that.
3. Put your food items on top of the second layer of ice & then add the final layer of ice & close the lid.

The ice will still eventually melt inside the cooler, but don’t worry, the ice that has turned to water will stay as cold as the ice was, at least for awhile.


Upon Arrival & After Arrival


Once you are at your destination, you want to keep the cooler as cold as possible. Look for some form of shade to prevent the sun from beating down on it.

Of course, you need to minimize the amount of times you open & close the cooler. If you are hiking/camping with others, ask them if they want anything from the cooler if you are getting something for yourself.

By only opening it once for whatever you & your buddies want, not only will the interior of the cooler stay cool, but you will win points for getting something for them too. Who knows, maybe they will return the favor on the next round.

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