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Value Of And Methods For Building A Campfire


For some, campfires are a necessity. They can be used for cooking and/or keeping yourself warm.

For others, campfires are also used for fun. Activities such as sitting around the fire with your family or a group of friends having conversation can be enjoyable.

Another fun activity can be roasting marshmallows. If you are alone, you may find it relaxing to just sit, listen to the sound of the wood crackling and smell the burning wood while taking in the beauty and solitude surrounding you.


Fire Restrictions


The first thing you need to do is to find out if campfires are allowed in the area you plan to hike or camp. If not, you can choose another spot where campfires are allowed.

If you are allowed to build a campfire, just make sure to ask if there are any other restrictions. Some locations do not allow anyone to build a fire when the weather is especially dry.

Some camping areas have fire pits available. Whenever possible use one of them for your campfires.

Regardless of whether you will be hiking or camping in a wilderness area that is near a river corridor or a desert, it is required that you do not leave a trace. No doubt you know that term in general, however, there are some additional rules that apply.


Steps To Building A Successful Campfire



When obtaining firewood, do not break off branches from trees. Instead, you should use firewood from already downed and detached trees.

When choosing where to start the campfire, choose an area that will have the least impact should there be any issues.

Make sure you are not building your fire on any tree roots.

The best thing would be to use a fire blanket of a fire pan.

Only burn what you need, but make sure that whatever you did start to burn, burns down completely. This way you will not need to leave any logs that are only half burnt.

To get an idea of how much firewood you would need, the rule of thumb is to only choose pieces of firewood that are no thicker than your wrist and preferably thinner than your wrist if possible.



Use Layers


For the best results, the trick is to build your fire using layers.

The first layer can be made up of a combination of dry grass, birch bark, wood shavings, pine needles and/or paper on the bottom.

Use fuels that are fast burning on that first layer. This is called the ignition layer.

On top of that layer place some dry twigs.

You would then increase the size of the fuel gradually. If you increase the fuel too quickly, your campfire will fail.

It is human nature to want things to work quickly. In this case, however, you need to exercise patience.

As with many things in life, each person has their own preference of how a task should be done. When creating campfires there are a couple of common methods most people use.

One is to start the campfire “teepee style” & the other is to use “log cabin” style.

Whichever method you use should be fine. From here, you can lay your larger logs on top.

The important thing is to make sure there’s a proper amount of air flow throughout all of the parts of your fire, so that all of it will ignite properly.


Extinguishing The Fire


When the time comes to extinguish the fire, you must make sure no embers of any kind remain.

To make sure the fire is fully extinguished you need to use water, not dirt.

In order to leave no trace, crush all embers and then scatter all of the ashes. Scattering them in a large, empty area will make it so that there will be no visible signs of your campfire anywhere.

Any large pieces of firewood must be taken with you. You can use them for your next campfire.


So, How Will You Use Your Campfire?


Will you use it to sit around it with friends or by yourself?

Will you use your fire to roast marshmallows, keep warm or just to relax & enjoy some of life’s most precious moments?

Let us know!

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