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(On Rappel) Using Belay or Rappel Device

(On Rappel) Using Belay or Rappel Device

On Rappel   On Rappel, what does that mean? It is a command that is used to signify someone is about to slide down a rope using a mechanical rappelling device. It is important to remember when doing any type of adventuring that one should get proper training and...

So You Want To Sleep In A Hammock?

Sleeping in a hammock is wonderful, but who is going to hang it? Hanging a hammock is easy, right? All you have to do is hang it up between two trees and you’re done, or so you may think. Easy? Yes, but it is a bit time consuming, but oh so worth it! So let’s get...

Toiletry Kit Items For Hikers

Toiletry Kit Items For Hikers

Packing The Bare Necessities   You can’t pack “everything but the kitchen sink”, however you can pack a toiletry kit. Your kit should include at least the basic necessities. The list below is just a guide. You can pack more items than what you see on this list, but...

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